Six things to know: Thursday, February 20th


Web Editor - Amanda Roberts

 Here are the six things you need to know for your day in news today, Thursday, February 19th. 

  1. We still don't know why coach and teacher, Craig Michael Wood kidnapped, then killed, 10-year-old Hailey Owens. Wood, who faces first degree murder charges refuses to talk to police. 
  2. Fierce clashes between police and protesters in Ukraine's capital erupt despite a called truce. The country's Foreign Minister says at least 28 people have died in the past week.
  3. The Army Corps of Engineers say they need to add Chevrons to the Mississippi River to allow the river's current to carve into the river bed and help keep it open. But homeowners around Wolf Lake, Illinois say that causes the river to flood.
  4. The National Transportation Safety Board says pilot fatigue may have played a role in the crash of a UPS cargo jet. Two pilots were killed in Alabama last august.
  5. Next week, Paducah Water will decide if they'll kick out their current tenants, "Recycle Now" They own the facility on 8th street that processes cardboard, aluminum, tin, paper and electronics. Currently they have until March 31st to vacate the premises.
  6. Someone in California bought a lottery ticket worth around $425 million. The person bought the ticket at a convenience store North of San Jose.