Suspected con man arrested, accomplices still on the loose


Reporter - Lauren Adams
Photojournalist - Chad Darnall

MURRAY, Ky. — "It doesn't look like anything," said Inez Jones, 90, pointing to her driveway.

And it certainly does not look like it's worth $1,900 but that is what Jones spent to have the cracks in her driveway sealed. David Mortier, 50, first knocked on her door in mid-March, asking to put a Sherwin Williams sign in her front yard. While he was at it, he said he'd do some quick repairs.

"He was just as nice and polite as he could be," Jones remembered. "He told me he was giving me his discount."

And the sign? He told her he would be back Monday to put it up. That was the day he showed up in Paducah, where investigators say he was making another "deal."

Elizabeth, who asked we not share her full identity, received the same high pressure pitch: a sign on the lawn and a discount in the price to power-wash her home.

"When I questioned him, he told me he was a Christian and said he would not lie."

That "Christian" sprayed the outside bricks with what she believes was bleach for an hour before asking for payment. She said she had some doubts but he persisted, saying she and her husband were getting the senior discount.

She relented but did ask for a receipt. It was full of spelling errors but void of an address or telephone number.

"I can't believe I was this stupid," Elizabeth said.

"It certainly isn't easy," Jones said. "It isn't easy to forget."

Both women were out thousands of dollars and those signs?

"There wasn't any sign," Jones said.

Paducah Police arrested Mortier, an ohio native, in the parking lot of Wendy's on Hinkelville Road. It was after employees called authorities, saying he looked out of place.

Turns out he was. Mortier was already wanted on fraud charges in Tennessee.

Law enforcement believe Mortier had also scammed people in North and South Carolina before making it to our area.

Both women reported Mortier had three people working with him. None of those men have been arrested and might still be in the area.

Sgt. Scott Svebakken, handling Murray's case, warned its important to ask for identification and then call a company to confirm a person's employment before hiring anyone for work.