Teen recovering after Saturday attack


Reporter - Lauren Adams
Photojournalist - Jason Thomason

ANNA, Ill. - Damian Tracy was clinging to life when he arrived at a St. Louis hospital Saturday night.


"I was sick, scared to death I was going to lose him," his mother, Lydia Sloan admitted, during a phone interview from her son's hospital room.

On Sunday, the teen, who had been beaten, regained consciousness.

"After watching him for an hour with a tube down his throat and not moving that made my day," she said, her voice choked with emotion.

"I'm grateful, it could have been way worse," she continued.

The attack happened Saturday evening in a parking lot behind Reppert's Printing, a known hang out for area teens.

Ashley Stone-Smith was the one to call 911. She drove by the lot to check on her son. Instead, she found a group of panicked teens surrounding a car. Damian Tracy, she says, was bruised and bloodied and barely conscious.

"I asked him to tell me his name and where he lived.  He told me where he lived and went unconscious," she remembered.

The teens who were with Tracy would not tell her what had happened.  Police are continuing to investigate and spent much of Monday conducting interviews.

Lydia Sloan says she is eager for an arrest and even more eager to get her son home, "It's going to be excellent, I can't wait."

On Monday afternoon, she was waiting on discharge papers from the hospital.

Sloan says her son has no memory of the attack.  Damian Tracy is a junior at Anna-Jonesboro High School and told his mother he wanted to return to school Tuesday.