The New Face of Facebook


Reporter - Johnette Worak
Web Editor - Ryan Burkett

Our beloved Facebook. It started off as a way for college roomies to connect and get to know each other.

It also belonged to the youngsters. That is, until the rest of the world figured out what a good idea it was. Facebook now has more than 836 million users worldwide, and the majority of users aren't younger than 25 years old anymore.

In fact, online stats show 65 percent of Facebook's users are 35 years old and older, and the average user is now 44. The 55-and-up crowd is also joining in droves. Ann Denton is one of them.

"I spend probably two hours a day, one hour in the morning and one at night, touching base with my family and grandchildren," Denton said.

Denton says she got on Facebook out of necessity. She wanted to stay in contact with her high-tech children and grandchildren.

"There's enough in me that I want my grandkids to think I'm young and with it and so I learned to keep up with them," Denton said.

Now Denton has all the new gadgets to stay connected: her laptop at home and her Kindle Fire and iPhone when she's on the go. She likes to post recipes and helpful hints, and she's reconnected with her high school friends she never thought she would see again.

"We talk about our families or what children and grandchildren are doing and it's like we never lost base," Denton said.

The moral of the story: Facebook's new face means kids aren't using it regularly anymore.