The major motion picture "Gone Girl" has positive economic impacts on Cape Girardeau


Reporter - Kathryn DiGisi

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - The major motion picture "Gone Girl" starring Ben Affleck is filming in Cape Girardeau, and it has been good for business.

The cast and crew have been there for a few months shooting the film based on a best-selling novel.

It has turned the quiet river town upside down, especially on Broadway where a big portion of the filming took place.

Even when a Hollywood movie set is not just out the door, Micah Agnew says Imo's Pizza on Broadway is a local favorite.

"Lunch time definitely is pretty busy and then we have a dinner rush," said Agnew.

Imo's delivery driver Dustin Masterson delivered almost $400 worth of their St. Louis-style pizza to the set a few weeks ago.

"Ben Affleck and Tyler Perry were out back, there was a large group and yeah, it was awesome, it was really cool," said Masterson.

He says anywhere they are shooting, people are gathered.

"Pictures flashing, there was a lot of people screaming," said Masterson.

Besides being great for Imo's bottom line, the movie has put the town on the map.

"There's not a lot of big events that happen in Cape, so when a movie comes to town...that's a pretty big deal," said Agnew.

Production of the film is wrapping up at the end of this week.