Three weeks after tornado, winter weather hits


Reporter: Mychaela Bruner
Photographer: Michael Bradford

Brookport, Ill.—Thursday night the Local 6 area saw its first taste of winter, as ice and sleet fell in Kentucky, Tennessee and Missouri.  Blankets of snow covered southern Illinois and the devastation from the EF 3 tornado that ripped through Brookport, Illinois was buried under the winter wonderland.

Some neighbors who lost belongings in the tornado are now trying to prepare and weather the winter storms.  Neighbors wonder how mother nature could do a complete 360 in only a matter of weeks.

Marilyn Loudermilk has learned to live with the punches.

"The tornado took my carport, otherwise it would have been out of the weather," said Loudermilk.

Her Stacy Drive home is one of the only ones left standing on her road.

"You don't think it's going to happen to you, you never do, but its hard to look out my door and look this way and see the devastation and know the people that lived there," said Loudermilk.

Loudermilk said between the tornado and winter weather, she tries to look on the bright side.

"We get rains, and now the snow but again we are blessed. It could have been so much worse than just this ice and snow, we've not been without power, and we've had our comforts still," said Loudermilk.

Her comfort keeps her going, weathering through tornadoes and winter storms one step and one day at a time.

"We've been blessed even though we've gone through some tragedies, we're still blessed we are still a community that cares and we will rally back," said Loudermilk.

Brookport's road conditions are not the best. Road crews are still working to clear the roads.  Crews ask if you do not have to be out tonight to stay home.  They can work faster if there is less traffic.