Two hurt in three-vehicle crash in Paducah, Kentucky


Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

PADUCAH, Ky. - A three-vehicle crash sent two people to a Paducah, Kentucky hospital Wednesday.

21-year-old Nathaniel N. Smith told police he was driving his Saturn east on Irvin Cobb Drive and looked down to change a song on his iPhone.  When he looked up, the car in front of him had stopped.

Smith said he swerved into the outside lane.  He then hit a curb, overcorrected and veered back into the inside lane.

That's when Smith rear-ended 64-year-old Gloria M. Meriwether's GM Yukon.  Smith's vehicle spun into one of the on-coming lanes into the path of a tractor-trailer driven by Thomas Crotzer.  Crotzer was unable to stop and hit Smith's vehicle.

Smith and his passenger, 21-year-old Aaron J. Gipson, were taken to Lourdes Hospital.

Niether Meriwether or Crotzer were hurt.