Western Kentucky gearing up for huge Fancy Farm Picnic event


Reporter - Mychaela Bruner
Photojournalist - Justin Jones
Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

FANCY FARM, Ky. - Politicians will take stage in Fancy Farm, Kentucky in less than 24 hours.

Workers have been busy all week preparing for the town's biggest weekend of the year, but organizers tell Local 6 the barbeque's not the only thing heating up.

On Saturday, political speakers will be standing on the event stage, facing off for the 2014 race for the U.S. Senate seat.

Incumbent Senator Mitch McConnell's security team gathered Friday under the tent to discuss safety issues.
McConnell is being challenged by Tea Party-backed Matt Bevin in the Republican primary, while Secretary of State Allison lundergan Grimes is facing off against Ed Marksberry on the Democratic side.
Mark Wilson is part of the Fancy Farm political committee and says he expects a vibrant crowd.

"It's gonna be like a wild bronco ride. You're going to be in for the ride of your life. It's going to be such a dynamic program, you're gonna here some good healthy sparring between the two political parties," Wilson said.

A few of the nation's larges news networks will be attending the picnic.

And they're not the only ones.  The picnic brings thousands of people each year to the small, western Kentucky town.

The event is considered a must-attend for politicians.

Though politics is considered the main event, the picnic is actually a major food fundraiser for St. Jerome parish.