What the Tech: Viners


Web Editor - Amanda Roberts
Reporter - Jamey Tucker

 They're the most famous people in the world that you've never heard of... viners.

And while it took Elvis and the Beatles a segment on the Ed Sullivan Show to get a following, it just took 6 seconds for these guys.

It's a boy-band phenomenea without the band.

They don't sing, have a popular TV show, or movie. They haven't been on a reality show.

They are Viners.

"We thought we coul make some funny videos and make people laugh."

Vine is a social media network where users can post 6 second videos, and these guys are good at it.

Their short videos are social media blockbusters. Each one of these teenage Viners have over two million followers.

That's the equilvalent of a multi-platinum artist, and now they're on tour together as Mag-Con.

Teenage girls line up for hours, and pay as much as $150 just to meet them and get a picture, autograph, and hugs.

Crazy to think they set our just to make a few videos, and it all happened just four months ago.... 6 seconds at a time.

"It hit me pretty quick; it's been an amazing experience. Your whole life can be affected just by a couple of seconds. Through all of my vines, people have seen probably 6 -8 minutes of my life."

These guys get 6 seconds to captivate millions of people and bring out two or three different emotions. 

There aren't a lot of people who can do that in 6 seconds.