Whitfield blasts Corps for continuing forward with barricade plan


Producer - Catlin Bogard
Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

A local lawmaker is blasting the decision of the Army Corps of Engineers to block access near dams on the Cumberland River.

The Army Corps recently decided to place buoys on both the top and bottom of dams, roping off an area often used by fishermen.

Their decision came despite increasingly negative feedback from a series of public meetings and from lawmakers in both Kentucky and Tennessee.

Safety has been one of the concerns cited by the Army Corps for the decision.

Corps leaders have stated that they're worried about boaters near the dams, specificaly, if the gates opened without the boaters being warned, but U.S. Representative Ed Whitfield isn't convinced.

Earlier this month, Whitfield sent a letter to the Corps, asking them for any documentation that helped lead to their decision.

Last week, the Corps responded that the information wasn't available and wouldn't be available for up to six months.

Whitfield says those barriers are already being put up on dams along the Cumberland River.