Wife charged with husband's murder


Reporter - Lauren Adams
Photojournalist - David Dycus

MURRAY, Ky. - Police were called to Oxford Drive Thursday afternoon for a domestic disturbance, but instead found a man dead in his home.

On Thursday, Michelle Baxter, 50, was charged with murder. Buddy Baxter had been shot twice and was found dead in the couple's bedroom. Commonwealth's Attorney Mark Blankenship said Friday details were still coming to light but he learned Michelle Baxter first called her son.

"That call happened yesterday morning and the call for help then, to police is an hour later."

Michelle Baxter told police it was self defense. Her son told them his stepfather, a military veteran turned private contractor, had recently been on edge.

"According to his stepson, he saw a physician here in Murray recently and got some help," Blankenship said, adding the family described him as 'stressed' and anxious' in recent days.

Investigators do not believe drug and alcohol was involved Thursday.

Michelle Baxter is set to be arraigned Monday in the Calloway County Court.