Murray building collapse ordered to be demolished


Reporter - Mychaela Bruner
Photographer - Jason Thomasson
Web Editor - Amanda Roberts

UPDATE (3/11/14):

The building collapse at 312 and 314 Main Street in the City of Murray have been reviewed by a structural engineer and ordered to be demolished.

The property owner is now waiting for authorization from his insurance provider to proceed with building demolition and removal.

The demolition and removal work are expected to resume by next week.

UPDATE (2/26/14):

A demo contractor has instructed the building that collapsed at 312-314 Main Street to strengthen the walls of the building and remove the roof.

After the resconstruction is completed, an engineer will be able to furhter assess the condition and further instruct contractors for the remaining work.

The estimated time to strengthen the walls and remove the roof is three days and is expected to be completed by the weekend. 

The contractor stated that it will take approximately ten days after complete demo to clean up the site.

UPDATE (2/25/14):

Business owners and properties are now allowed limited access to their properties after a building collapsed in Murray's downtown square on Main Street.

Those businesses and properties local ed at 310-312 Main Street and 102-106 3rd Street are allowed limited access to retrieve business files and equipment only from 10-2p.m.

City utilities are being restored to businesses/properties located at 304-308 Main Street and fronting 3rd Street.

Businesses and property owners will be able to re-enter and stay in their properties and buildings after utilities are restored and permanent barricades are set in place.

These recommendations are based off of an investigation by K&S Structural Engineer, Michael Reed.

The City of Murray will also meet with the property owner of the collapsed building to determine the timeline of the rubble cleanup and fixing the building.

Original Story:

MURRAY, Ky—One-hundred years of history turned into rubble.  Now business owners are concerned about a local downtown court square and how the community will rebuild.  Community leaders and business owners came together to discuss the future of downtown Murray.

This comes after a two-story building that housed to a law office and an apartment collapsed Saturday night.  City leaders want the public to know the majority of the downtown area is still open for business.  However, police are still asking people to avoid the block where the collapse happened.

Main Street from 12th Street to Industrial Road is still closed, along with Fourth Street from Glendale Road to Chestnut Street.  Local traffic should use alternate routes.  A structural engineer has until Wednesday afternoon to assess this damage and report back to the city.

An initial report could come by the end of the day.  We still do not know what caused this collapse, but several business owners told Local 6 today they are worried what it will mean for their business.

Office Manager for the Law Office of Rick Jones, Brandi Johnson, said she still cannot believe her eyes.  Johnson and 14 other downtown businesses gathered at a meeting today to discuss relocating and the future of the building.

"Mr. Jones has practiced law here for over 30 years. He's taken good care of his clients. He plans on continuing to retrieve and protect his clients information," said Johnson.

Mugsy's Hideout Owner Jay Baron said he is concerned how street closure due to the collapse will affect his business.

"Really concerned, but I never thought about the long-term effect...I feel like someone is liable to our businesses, for loss of business, I don't know how you block off all these streets for one building," said Baron.

Johnson said the situation is unfortunate, but she is trying to look on the bright side.

"There is a lot of devastation. This is going to require a ton of work and comradery of the community to come together and patience, but again, the thing that continues to emanate is thankfulness for the protection of lives," said Johnson.

Even though the block is shut down, all downtown churches are operating as usual.  Also, the courthouse, city hall, police and fire department are open and operating normally.

The chamber of commerce, main street management, and the city of Murray will continue to hold meetings as they see fit.  Clean-up will not begin until the cause of the collapse is known and the structural engineer has concluded his assessments.

Based on the engineer's findings, the entire building strip could be a loss.  Attorney Rick Jones' Office Manager said all client information is safe.  For more information and updates on the building and street closures, click here or call Murray Main Street at (270) 759-9474.