Subway owner under fire for Veterans Day promotions


Elizabeth Fields

PADUCAH- The owner of the Subway restaurants in Murray and Draffenville, Ky. came under fire for allegations she didn't support American troops.

Facebook posts showed up on WPSD's page and Subway's corporate offices also received complaints.

Subway's Vice President of Operations, Patricia Lundin told WPSD they found no evidence owner Firoozeh Razban made any such claims.

"Once we talked with her we found out she wasn't in the restaurant on the days that they alleged statements were made to customers," Lundin said.  

According to Lundin, Razban came to America in 1978 from Iran and bought her first franchise, the one in Murray, in 1989. She added that the Murray location is one of the most successful stores in the Midwest.

Lundin said she thinks part of the misunderstanding comes from Subway's decision to encourage franchisees to donate on a national level on Veterans Day, to the Wounded Warrior Project. Last year each store was encouraged to support local veterans and military personnel through discounts and free sandwiches. Lundin made sure to make it clear that none of the franchisees are required to participate in any promotion.

The backlash came, according to Lundin, because Razban didn't give free subs out on Sunday and instead decided to donate a portion of her sales to the Wounded Warrior. She said she thinks Razban's nationality played a big role.

 "Ms. Razban was very disheartened by the whole situation, having been a strong supporter of the community for so many years," she said.

Lundin said that's the worst part because that's against Subway's philosophy and against what our soldiers are fighting for. 

"We have quite a few franchisees who are not native born Americans who came to this country to live the American Dream to won their own business and it's something we're proud of," she said.