Group aims to help promote abilities, not disabilities


Reporter - Todd Faulkner
Photojournalist - Dylan Harrington

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ky. — Taking a walk, hitting the lake to fish, or heading into the woods to hunt are just few things some of us might take for granted. 

Because not everyone is so fortunate, one local group is changing that and needs your support to continue to help people. 
Scottie Walker is getting ready to leave land for water and isn't letting his condition hold him back.  He's an avid fisherman and excited to reel in a big catch. 
"I have spastic cerebral palsy," Walker said.  "We're about to go out and see if we can't rustle up some fish." 
Thanks to handiCAPABLE Guide Services people like Walker, who use a wheel chair, can hit the lake like everyone else. 
Noel Dillard is President and Co-founder of handiCAPABLE Guide Service, Inc.  
"We work with people's abilities, not their disabilities," Dillard said.  "There's a lot of great people out there and i get to meet them and get to share the experience that they have when they first catch their first fish, thinking that they couldn't, money can't but this." 
Walker added, "It's a blessing to have this. It allows me to get out and do what other people do with the mobility that I have." 
The organization is sponsoring a fish fry to benefit the group.  The event is Friday, August 10 at 4p.m. At Grand Rivers Community Building, 155 W. Cumberland Ave., Grand Rivers, Ky. 
For more information on the group: 
Noel Dillard at 270-559-6876 or Mark Stiles at 270-508-0931 or