A beacon of hope along the Ohio River


WPSD Reporters

METROPOLIS, Ill. - A beacon of strength for cancer fighters and survivors is being constructed on the Metropolis riverfront.

The Hope Light Project is a lighthouse that will stand more than 30-feet tall in honor of anyone who is or has been affected by cancer.

The massive frame of the Hope Light lies on it's side inside a dark and quiet workshop in town.

"This will be the conical shaped lighthouse. It's ten foot at the base and 20 feet tall," said project chairman Bill Carrell.

Hope Light Project chairman Bill Carrell says it will be one of the first things some people see when they come into town.

The lighthouse is about two weeks from completion.

All of the concrete used to create the base of the lighthouse was donated from a local company.

People in Metropolis have made generous contributions to the project.

$25,000 in donations came from the city's tourism board.

Even the construction crew is thrilled to be a part of such a project.

"We're hoping that they all come to visit and that they'll look at it and think about what it's for," said construction worker Jerel Childers.

It is just a work zone now, but soon it will represent strength and survival.

Carrell says his hope is that people donate to Hope Light; all the money will go to cancer research.

"And hopely someday, the prevention of cancer," said Carrell.

The Hope Light Project has set up an account at the City National Bank in Metropolis. You can donate directly into that account or you can send contributions to the mayor's office.