A local boy miraculously recovers from ATV accident, family raises awareness


Reporter: Mychaela Bruner
Photographer: Michael Bradford

ANNA, Ill—A story that will not only melt your heart, but also remind you to hold your children a little closer tonight.  Two parents are setting out to raise money and awareness after their son's miraculous recovery from an ATV crash three years ago.

Seven year old Milam Smith is a constant and living reminder of power and strength.  After months in the hospital Milam's parents consider him a walking miracle.

A 2010 ATV accident left him profoundly deaf and unable to swallow and sit up.

"He broke every bone in his face, his pallet and the the roof of his mouth was detached because he hit so hard. His eye sockets were demolished and his skull was like Humpty Dumpty...He was in a coma for a month, on life support for four weeks," said Ashley.

Tyge and Ashley Smith said their community and the Ronald McDonald House gave them strength.  They plan to use Milam's story to give back at a benefit next weekend.
"We are going to pay it forward, that's why it's called Milam's challenge because Milam's been through a lot...We are going to put all the money back to the Ronald McDonald house," said Ashley.

A family driven by their faith.

"Milam is very much a miracle and he is still re-writing the books," said Ashley.

They have high hopes that maybe, one day, Milam will hear again.

"Milams Challenge" is next Saturday, November 9th at the Little Egypt Off Road Park in Marion, Illinois. For more details about the park's location, click here.  Registration begins at 10 a.m.  It will be a family, friendly outdoor day with all proceeds going to the Ronald McDonald House charity.  Milam's family invited you to come out and enjoy a day of riding on over one-thousand acres of trails, event challenges and raffles. To learn more about Milam's story, click here.