Road re-opens after anhydrous ammonia tank leak


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UPDATE (Friday, 5:40 a.m.): The site of the crash on Cairo Road near Ogden Landing Road in McCracken County is clear and has been re-opened to traffic.

Earlier story (from Thursday):

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky. – A local road remains closed and an evacuation order is still in place.  This, after a truck carrying anhydrous ammonia crashed Thursday.

It happened around 1:30 on Cairo Road at the intersection of Ogden Landing Road in McCracken County.

Investigators with the sheriff’s department say 62-year-old Laverne L. Schulte of Simpson, Illinois was pulling two, 1,000 gallon agricultural tanks containing anhydrous ammonia to a Paducah man.  Schulte works for Southern Farm Supply out of Marion, Illinois.

As Schulte started through the intersection, a flat-bed truck driven by 24-year-old Jason Wingler of Symsonia, Kentucky allegedly failed to stop at a stop sign and collided with Schulte’s truck.

The tanks broke free.  One rolled into a ditch.  The other ruptured and started leaking.

Fire crews and a HazMat team responded to the crash scene.  Responders decided to allow the leak to empty the tank before trying to clean up the mess.

As a result, several homes around the scene were evacuated.

Cairo Road was shutdown between Maxon Road and Mayfield-Metropolis Road.  Ogden Landing Road was closed at Cold Springs Road.

Once the scene has been cleaned and the "all clear" given, families will be allowed to return home.

As for injuries, investigators tell Local 6 ambulances rushed Wingler to Lourdes Hospital with minor injuries.  He was treated and released.


Earlier story:

UPDATE (9:05 p.m.):  McCracken EMS Director Paul Carter told Local 6 that the ordered evacuation is still in place as are the road closures.  Officials ordered the evacuation just before 6 p.m.  Cairo Road from Maxon Road to Mayfield Metropolis Road remains closed as well.  HAZMAT crews are working on emptying the anhydrous ammonia tank and cleaning up the resulting mess.  Carter expects it will be another two hours before the work is complete.  Once the “all clear” is given, families will be able to return to their homes.

Earlier story:


MCCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky. – A collision between a flat-bed truck and a farm truck carrying chemicals caused traffic issues Thursday.

It happened on Cairo Road near Ogden Landing Road in McCracken County.

McCracken EMS Director Paul Carter says the farm truck was carrying two anhydrous ammonia tanks.  During the collision, one of the tanks ruptured.  The other fell off the truck and into a ditch.  Fortunately, it didn’t rupture.

A HAZMAT team responded to the scene in an attempt to seal the leaking tank.  At this time, team members haven’t sealed it.  If that can’t be done, the tank will continue to leak and crews will clean up the mess after it stops.

The collision closed Cairo Road from Maxon Road to Mayfield-Metropolis Road.  No word on ho long the closure will last.

Carter also told Local 6 the incident hasn’t forced evacuations.  However, families trying to get to their houses have not been allowed to go home.

Local 6 will update this story as officials release more details.