Arraignment delayed for former local police officer


Reporter - Kendall Downing

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ill. - The arraignment for a Franklin County law officer charged with aggravated battery, official misconduct, and involuntary manslaughter got put on hold Wednesday afternoon.

A Franklin County grand jury indicted Buckner, Illinois police officer William McKinney on July 19th. Prosecutors allege he pushed 62-year-old Roy Barnhart to the ground and hit him in the head while Barnhart was handcuffed. Barnhart later died from a brain bleed.

Wednesday McKinney's attorney Eric Dirnbeck said he's filing a motion to bow out of the case.

Louise Latham can't forget what happened in her front yard back on July 7.

"All of a sudden something will hit your mind, and you just stop and think about it," she said.

Roy Barnhart, 62, was her ex-husband and father of her four kids. She said she saw William McKinney pepper spray Barnhart, taze him, kick him in the head, and drag him to the curb.

Latham and Barnhart were trying to settle a dispute over a trailer between their son and his estranged wife when police got called.

In court Wednesday, McKinney's appointed attorney said he's filing a motion to withdraw, citing conflict with a number of cases, some in which he could be a witness.

For his part, the former police officer wouldn't talk about the investigation after the hearing Wednesday afternoon.

Louise Latham said McKinney should pay for what happened in front of her home.

"Roy would want some justice this way McKinney can't do this to somebody else," she said.

A Franklin County judge continued the case to August 21 at 9 a.m.