Businesses see the good and bad effects of winter weather


Reporter - Kathryn DiGisi

MARION, Ill. - Winter weather really affects local shops and restaurants. Sometimes the impact is good, and sometimes in a bad way. One establishment in Marion, Illinois received a boom, while another got a complete bust.

Icy conditions on the roads mean a lot of people are choosing to stay indoors. Folks are cooking at home instead of swinging by the drive through or taking a seat at their favorite booth.

Burger King employee Hailey Timmons says their cash drawer is lacking.

"We only did 2,500 yesterday compared to the 6 or 7 hundred we normally do on average," Timmons said.

But on the same side of Route 13, just about one mile east, Kevin Berrong says it's a different story.

"Been real busy. Everybody trying to get snow shovels, ice melt. It's been real crazy," Berrong said.

Their aisles are busy with people prepping for more and ice, just in case.

The people at Burger King tell us it will take them weeks to recoup those earnings and get their books back to where they should be.