Car fanatics flood Du Quoin


Reporter - Kathryn DiGisi

DU QUOIN, Ill. - After a 15-year hiatus, the Car Craft Street Machine Nationals are back in Du Quoin, Illinois.

The town, nicknamed "motorhead Mecca", hosted the event for 13 years, but the show grew a little too large for Du Quoin, and the crowd got a little too rowdy, so it went on the road.

Now Du Quoin can once again boast being the home of some of the best chrome, engines and paint jobs on display.

VP of marketing at Family Events Matt Louck says that car fanatics from across the country could not be happier.

"Everywhere we went we just heard, 'when you comin' back to Du Quoin? When you comin' back?," said Louck.

Friday kicked off a reunion of sorts for enthusiasts.

The Illinois State Police are in full force at the weekend event and the atmosphere has turned kid friendly.

Shannon Woodsworth works for the fairgrounds and says this event is unlike any other.

"We've got people in from 20 different states as far away as Alaska and these folks are buying food and obviously a lot of gasoline," said Woodsworth.

He says not only does it put Du Quoin on the map, it puts all of Southern Illinois on the map, saying hotels are booked from Mount Vernon to Marion.

It is estimated that the show could bring in close to $20 million.

The Illinois State Police say the increase in security will not cost tax payers a dime.

They told Local 6 that getting more officers to the fairgrounds was just a matter of shuffling around a few schedules.