City: Dog doo doo becoming a no no


Reporter - Robert Bradfield
Photojournalist - Justin Jones

METROPOLIS, Ill. - As Eleanor Redenour enjoys an afternoon stroll with her two beagles, she knows she has to watch where she steps.

She says the walk has been sticky and smelly before with dog owners refusing to throw out their dog's droppings.  It isn't illegal right now, but it could be soon.

Metropolis city leaders posted signs asking dog owners to pick up after their dogs, but Alderman David Daugherty says they haven't been following the policy.  The new ordinance would require dog owners to pick up the droppings or face fines.

"We just ask everyone to be respectful." Daugherty said.   Earlier this year, Daugherty said parents complained about dog feces being left on city playgrounds, baseball and soccer fields.

"Loose dogs have been running around and you know doing things on the fields and in the parks itself," Daugherty said.

He doesn't have a problem with people walking their dogs, he just wants people to clean up after them.  Redenour hopes the proposed ordinance will stop people and dogs from making a bigger mess.

"If it was a place where people walked, especially that I wouldn't want to have the chance to step in it," Redenour laughed.