City of Brookport looks to expand alcohol sales


Reporter - Robert Bradfield
Photojournalist - Mason Watkins

BROOKPORT, Ill. - Inside Barney's Market, owner Susan Russell notices a trend among her customers.

"I don't think there is a Sunday that goes by," said Russell. 

Many want to know why she isn't selling alcohol and why these cigarette prices are so high.

"We have so much money that goes to Paducah.  People go there to eat, people go there to shop. People go there to buy their cigarettes," she said.

It's easy then to understand why she's in favor of a new proposed Brookport ordinance that would allow packaged alcohol sales on Sunday.  The cities of Paducah and Metropolis currently ban it.

"It would be nice if for some reason, we could motivate the people of Kentucky to cross the bridge and spend the money on this side," Russell said.

"We are not getting enough information on it and not enough time to absorb all of it," said City Alderman Donnie Hogue.   He's opposed because he feels rushed to make a decision.

"I think we are going in the wrong direction with this," he told Local 6.

He said several city council members wanted to approve the changes this week after learning Metropolis businessman JL Wilkins wanted to build a pizza and alcohol business inside a vacant Brookport building.  Hogue said he was given the proposed changes on Monday with the expectation to vote Thursday.
"Let's have a more open discussion with everybody in town and then take a vote on it," Hogue said.