Commuters weigh in on future of Cairo Bridge


Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

BALLARD COUNTY, Ky. - It's a plan that will affect the movement of products and people across our region:  what should the next US 51, 60/62 bridge over the Ohio River be like?

Tuesday night, a second public informational meeting on alternatives under consideration, this time in Ballard County, Kentucky.

The attendees got a look at possibilities, which include widening the narrow existing Cairo Bridge, building a new one in another location, or the most popular so far, building a new one nearby.

Local lawmakers say a wider bridge will open up new commerce.

"Of course it might be 10 years away, at best, possibly even further, but no doubt the jobs would be welcomed in this area.  Any type of jobs right now would be," Kentucky House Representative Richard Heath said.

From here, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet with gather the suggestions and submit a planning study report this fall.

That goes to Frankfort to be presented to lawmakers in hopes of getting a new Cairo Bridge in a highway plan and funded.