Concealed carry courses are underway at a local range


Reporter - Kathryn DiGisi

MARION, Ill. - Illinois State Police have given the green light for concealed carry instructors to begin the training courses.

A range in Marion began courses this week.

The executive director says they are booked through November with hundreds more interested and on a waiting list.

Illinois State Police are busy preparing concealed carry applications, and Tombstone Gun Range executive director Kim Hargraves says they have been running ahead of schedule.

"We were able to get instructors certified and start rolling on our classes a little bit sooner than we had expected," said Hargraves.

Regardless of your shooting experience, classes are geared toward beginners, starting with stance.

"Sometimes people will bring their support hand in a little bit where their elbow drops down and they shoot in a position. It's a little more comfortable with your arms in closer," said certified instructor David Kemp.

Before the gun is ever loaded, Kemp teaches his class how to properly handle a weapon by showing them how to remove it from the holster.

Kemp says many of his students had never shot a gun, let alone loaded a magazine, so that is a part of the course, too.

It is only after sometimes several hours of pre-training does the applicant actually fire a gun.

After 16 total hours on the range, an applicant will get a signed certificate.

Applicants will need that signed certification when they go to obtain their concealed carry license.

ISP have until January 5 to have the applications prepared and ready to give out to those who have been certified in the training course.