Concealed carry supporters do not want to wait nine months to carry


Reporter - Kathryn DiGisi

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Ill. - Concealed carry supporters think they should be allowed to arm themselves now, instead of having to wait nine months for ISP to prep for the new law.

After the July 9 showdown in Springfield, Kim Hargraves has been glued to the phone at her desk Tombstone Range in Marion.

She says people are underestimating just how much goes into prepping for a new law like this one.

She says ISP's to-do list extends far beyond filing applications.

"The instructors are going to have to be certified, the curriculum's are going to have to be certified, none of which is an overnight process, said Hargraves.

Executive Director of the Illinois State Rifle Association Richard Pearson is not buying it.

He says this lag time goes against court orders.

"If you have a law that is invalid, you shouldn't be enforcing that law," said Pearson.

He feels that anyone with a state issued Firearms Owner's Identification card should be allowed to carry now.

"It's an awful long time to wait to defend yourself," said Pearson.

Hargraves says the wait time is for our own good.

"It's a safeguard for the citizens and I'm sure a lot of people are frustrated that it is taking a while, but everything in due time," said Hargrave.

Hargraves says she is just relieved that state police are handling the situation and not lawmakers up in Springfield.

The Illinois State Rifle Association did file an appeal with the Attorney General Lisa Madigan saying that all FOID card holders should be an exception to the wait period.

They will find out if that appeal went through the beginning of next week.