Couple upset about address change


Reporter - Kendall Downing

GALLATIN COUNTY, Ill. - Four address changes since 1994? A local man says he's fed up, namely because he's never moved.

Reginald McCaughan and his wife live just outside Equality, Illinois in Gallatin County. They say the county's tried to change their address twice just this summer.

The last time in July, McCaughan claims he refused to accept the change, despite being told that it's his proper emergency 911 address.

He and his wife fear their mail is being held hostage.

"I want our mail to come back like it was," said McCaughan.

In the past four months, they've been given two different addresses by the county. Voter registration cards with one address came in June, then in July another set came with a different address.

The county EMA director sent the couple a letter.

McCaughan said he refused to take the new address, and in the months since he claims his mail service suffered.

"The lady at the post office said we'd sign those cards or our mail would be shut down. We wouldn't receive mail," he said.

The couple says they aren't getting their mail on time and what they do get is often late, like bills.

"On a fixed income you've got to know what you've got," said Beulah McCaughan.

County EMA Director Steve Galt told Local 6 by phone on Thursday that 10650 Rose Lane is the accurate address for emergency mapping systems.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Postal Service said they have a change of address card on file for that location and that address. McCaughan maintains he never signed one.

The postal service said there should be no problems with the mail. McCaughan insists he is not assuming the new address.

"I've got to sign a form to be able to get my bank statements. I don't want to sign it," he said.