Defeated drivers make the best of winter weather


Reporter - Jason Hibbs
Photojournalist - Mike Spissinger

VIENNA, Ill.---One Southern Illinois town had more tourists than they're used to because people passing by had to stop!

Almost everyone inside the McDonalds in Vienna, Illinois felt defeated.

They had to stop there because driving conditions were so bad and they had to stop for safety's sake.

It was also a warm place out of the elements. McDonalds turned into a sanctuary for drivers at their wit's end. Conversation consisted of stories about disrupted vacations, trips gone wrong and plans ruined all thanks to the winter weather.

Gienne Joyce had been vacationing in Florida and was heading home to Saint Louis.

"People talk about going from summer to winter, like in a cartoon really fast. this was like a bad cartoon. I woke up in the summer and now I'm in the middle of a winter storm this is crazy," Joyce said.

Joyce and her husband decided to stay in Vienna. They booked a room at the motel right beside McDonalds.