Driver's licenses for illegal immigrants coming to Illinois


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CARBONDALE, Ill. - Starting in November, illegal immigrants will be able to apply for driver's licenses in some parts of Illinois.

The new law has been controversial, with opponents saying illegal aliens should not have the same privileges as a citizen.

Supporters say it will have financial benefits to the state.

We asked you for your opinions on our Facebook page and the majority of you who were responded were against the bill.

Billy Vineyard said, "No! I think illegal immigrants shouldn't be able to do anything in America until they become legal citizens! Period!"

Candice Kendall said, "absolutely not. If you're not a tax payers, you shouldn't have the same entitlements as legal Americans."

Marissa Torres is a US citizen, her parents are not.

She drove them to the DMV in Carbondale Tuesday morning.

In fact, she is responsible for driving them everywhere they go.

She wants this Temporary Visitor Driver's License for her parents so they gain a sense of independence.

"They'd feel secure driving my little brothers to school and taking them to the doctor," said Torres.

The licenses will be driving only.

They will not serve as any other form of identification, and applicants must also obtain insurance.

"Basically, it's an opportunity for them, that they want to be here and and be good people here, they don't want to do anything bad...go to work securely where they're not thinking in their head, oh they might get pulled over by the police," said Torres.

The Torres family was told to come back in a few months when applications are being taken in Carbondale.

"They should have the opportunity to have a license and drive like everybody else here," said Torres.

Until then, Marissa says she will continue to drive them where they need to go.

Beginning November 12th, those interested in getting a Temporary Visitor Driver's License can schedule an appointment to apply.

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