FDA investigating local cases of adverse reactions to steroid injections


Kendall Downing

HERRIN, Ill. - The FDA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are investigating seven cases of adverse reactions traced back to injectables compounded by Main Street Family Pharmacy in Newbern, Tennessee.

Some of those steroid injections were administered at Logan Primary Care in Herrin, Illinois. Patients there have developed reactions at the injection site.

The injections were administered between December 6, 2013 and April 24, 2013.

The five patients in question have all developed sterile abscesses at the injection site. But doctors said so far, there have been no bacterial infections. One of the patients had to undergo wound care.

The medicine in question is methylprednisolone. It's an anti-inflammatory drug administered for a range of common conditions.

"In general this medication is given when there is an inflammatory process, for example a sinus infection, poison ivy, an inflamed joint," said Dr. Jeff Parks with Logan Primary Care.

Southern Illinois Healthcare spokesperson Rosslind Rice said they want anyone who may have gotten an injection to be aware of these developments.

"We certainly want to make sure they have the right information to make decisions for their healthcare," said Rice.

The FDA was in southern Illinois, and they have taken samples of that medication administered at Logan Primary Care for testing. No results have come back yet.

Southern Illinois Healthcare said it is doing its own testing. In the meantime, they are contacting about 2,000 patients who may have received an injection from either their Herrin or West Frankfort Clinics.

You can contact their patient relations department at (618) 457-5200 extension 67102.

We reached out to Main Street Family Pharmacy in Newbern, Tennessee late this afternoon but were unable to get anyone to talk to us.

The FDA is recommending healthcare providers pull products off their shelves from that pharmacy and quarantine them.