"Get Covered Illinois" counselors are still in training


Reporter - Kathryn DiGisi

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Ill. - Enrollment for the Affordable Care Act continues after getting off to a shaky start in some areas.

In Illinois, some of the counselors in place to walk the uninsured through the process are not finished training yet.

It has been a busy two days at the Franklin-Williamson Bi-County Health Department.

"We're taking calls, I'm answering questions, I'm taking names and phone numbers to return calls to begin to schedule appointments," said health administrator Robin Koehl.

Their counselors are still in training, and Koehl says it will be another three weeks before training is completed.

"Yeah, it worries me," said uninsured Williamson County resident Melvin Sanford.

Sanford is concerned that he will miss the December 15th deadline.

"I need two wisdom teeth pulled right now," said Sanford.

But Koehl says he should not worry.

You do not have to visit the health department in your county.

You could visit Jackson County, Shawnee Health Services, CRHPC Community Health Center, or the H Group.

"We're not in competition with one another, the goal is to get as many people through the system and get them help with insurance coverage," said Koehl.

You could also enroll yourself online.

"We're just trying to reassure people that there is plenty of time for them to get signed up," said Koehl.

Koehl says there are plenty of options to make sure you get covered.

To Receive coverage by January 1, you must enroll by December 15.

You can insure yourself later than December 15, but your coverage will begin at a later date.

If you, for some reason, do not meet the deadline and fail to insure yourself after that, the penalty will appear when you file your taxes in 2015, not 2014.