Harrisburg, Illinois mayor resigns, former commissioner to take office


Web Editor - Ryan Burkett

HARRISBURG, Ill. - Harrisburg, Illinois Mayor Eric Gregg has resigned from office effective immediately.

Gregg resigned at his home Monday morning from the position he's held for two years.

The departing mayor has seen the small town through a massive flood, a destructive tornado and a fire with more than $1 million in damage. All the while, he was battling a life threatening illness.

Gregg is being replaced by a good friend of his, former Commissioner Ron Crank. The two men share a unique bond, as Crank has also experienced health problems. He recently finished treatment for cancer, and the two have been a support system for one another through their tough times.

Gregg says he could not be happier to pass on the role of mayor to a man with such strength.

"Councilman Ron Crank stepped in as acting mayor and he filled in and did a remarkable job in my absence and I was very proud of him for that," Gregg said "And I felt an obligation and duty to him and this community to do the same thing."

Gregg has taken a job with the state and starts immediately, but he still plans on being a significant influence in the Harrisburg community. He says he's grateful to the residents of Harrisburg for making his two-year term a rewarding experience.