Honeywell & USW 7-669 to meet


Reporter - Lauren Adams
Photojournalist - Justin Jones

METROPOLIS, IL- Stephen Lech has spent the past week talking and texting.  Lech is the President of USW 7-669.

"They want to know if they should find another job. I don't know what to tell 'em," he explained of the constant calls and texts.

Lech said more of his guys, 8 operators were recalled to the plant Monday.  Most of his union members were part of a massive layoff this past July.  But in December, the plant began recalling employees.  Currently, 188 men and women are back in the plant.  Of those, 84 are members of USW 7-669.  Lech says 62 of his members are still waiting for a call.

"The company's been calling people back in small groups. It's hard to say anything bad about that," Lech said.

For their part, a Honeywell spokesman told Local 6, "The Metropolis Facility continues to make good progress on upgrades to the facility required by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and remains on track with its original plan to return to full production in June, subject to the NRC's approval."

But before that estimated June restart, Stephen Lech will meet with Honeywell and a third party mediator.  That meeting is scheduled for April 15th and Lech says he is looking forward to it, "Maybe we'll get some of those answers then."

Metropolis Mayor Billy McDaniel is eager to see the plant re-staffed, telling Local 6, "We want our people back to work."

He estimates down revenues at the casino, a sluggish economy, and the layoffs have cost the city tens of thousands of dollars.