Honeywell files petition against picketing union members


Reporter - Robert Bradfield
Photojournalist - Ryan Brooker

METROPOLIS, Ill. - Three days before Honeywell's management begins another round of bargaining with locked out workers, comes a new petition and video from the company claiming picketers violated a restraining order filed two weeks ago.

"It gets aggravating, but you just have to let it go," said USW Local 7-669 President Darrell Lillie.

A company spokesman said video shot by a Honeywell worker shows union members blocking buses, preventing them from entering or existing the facility.

Honeywell International's Peter Dalpe told Local 6 in statement, "These actions, conducted along a very busy highway, were specifically barred by the restraining order."

Local 6 showed the videos to Lillie.

"I think it's a bogus allegation because we have the right to walk."

After reviewing the petition and video, a Massac County judge signed an order requiring the union to appear in court Oct. 19 to show why, "It should not be found guilty of and punished for contempt of this court for failing to comply."

Lillie said someone from the union will be in court to tell their side of the story.