Hundreds of churches join together to 'Pray for Rain'


Elizabeth Fields

PADUCAH — A pastor at a Paducah church spent the week rallying every church leader in the area he could find. No matter what the denomination, he wants everyone praying for rain on Sunday.

Joe Hansen, Pastor at Mayfield First United Methodist Church, said he was inspired as soon as he got the request. He has heard the grumblings of some of the farmers in his congregation and said this week their concern has become more desperate.

"They really need it (rain) and we can pray together," he said. "It's something we can do."

He said he plans on telling a story about umbrellas during his sermon and the songs will all have a "raining" or "water" theme.

Farmer Lonnie Barrett said he and every farmer in the area could use all the prayers they can get.

"We have the best equipment, we've got the best fertilizer, and the seed, but if the good Lord don't give us a blessed rain, we don't make a crop," Barrett said.