IDOT suspends some construction projects for the holiday weekend


Reporter - Kathryn DiGisi

JACKSON COUNTY, Ill. - A lot of construction projects are happening at once in Illinois, but the Department of Transportation is trying to make holiday travel a little easier by suspending a few of the non-emergency construction projects for the holiday weekend.

IDOT has decided to take a break in several work zones including Jackson County Route 13 on the east side of Murphysboro.

These suspensions start Friday at 3 pm and will last until Monday at midnight.

For many, Labor Day is the last chance to get out of town for the Summer.

That is the case for weekend traveler Alton Kovy.

"Pontoon boat, got a grill on it, gonna do some barbecue-ing, turn the radio up," said Kovy.

Alton Kovy knows traffic can be brutal, especially in construction zones.

IDOT is doing what they can to ease the pain, but some construction zones will still be up and running over the holiday weekend.

Illinois State Trooper Joey Watson urges that you pay attention to those orange signs and barrels when you are heading out of town for your last get-away.

"If you see that speed limit ahead, 45 or 55 for construction, it is that at three o clock in the morning," said Watson.

Trooper Watson says that 90% of all fatalities that occur in a construction zone take the life of a motorist, not a construction worker.

"A construction zone is designed with those speed limits for that engineering purpose to keep the motorists traveling through safe. It's not necessarily for the workers," said Watson.

He says tickets in construction zones start at $375.00, and that is no way to start your holiday weekend.

One of the biggest on-going projects in Southern Illinois is on I-57 from Mount Vernon to Marion.

It will not be suspended this holiday weekend.

A full list of work zones lifted during the holiday weekend, click here.