Investigators weed out suspicious drug delivery


Kendall Downing

CARBONDALE, Ill. - Some two kilos of cocaine and more than 7.5 pounds of weed. Police said those drugs were bound for the streets of Carbondale until they stepped in.

But the method of delivery for those illegal substances might not be what you'd expect.

Investigators with the Southern Illinois Enforcement Group said they intercepted a package Tuesday afternoon full of the drugs, intended for a townhouse at 516 South Poplar Street in Carbondale.

Now 29-year-old Keith Nardi of Carbondale and 23-year-old Jonquil Henry of Chicago are behind bars at the Jackson County Jail. Both face drug possession with intent to sell charges.

"Just banging down somebody's door," said Colin Dyle.

Dyle witnessed the commotion Tuesday at door number three right outside his apartment. But what shocks him even more is the loot intended to come there.

"We were just fortunate enough this time to get this load," said David Fitts, Director of the Southern Illinois Enforcement Group.

Fitts said it's the biggest cocaine haul ever for his agency, approximately two kilos along with some 7.5 pounds of marijuana.

Together the goods have a hefty street value.

"As it sits right now between 80-$90,000 by the time it hits the streets it could double," said Fitts.

Fitts said the package full of drugs came to Carbondale from Florida.

Investigators delivered it to the door Tuesday afternoon before carting the two potential dealers to jail.

"It's definitely scary and surprising," said Dyle.

Residents like Dyle are uneasy about the drug delivery, and investigators are too.

"Makes me worry about everybody that lives here and makes us want to do our job that much better," said Fitts.

Fitts said with thousands of students down the street, this isn't the place for huge quantities of drugs to call home.

"Going to be a lot of eyes opened," said Fitts.

Investigators said the two likely would've cut up the cocaine and sold it. One gram can sell for about $100.