Local booster society aims to revitalize Cairo


Reporter - Julie Collins

CAIRO, IL - A city with a bad rap is about to get a jump start. Cairo, Illinois, has been plagued with multiple house fires, businesses closing, and parts of downtown in need of repair. However, one group of locals is stepping up to change that.

They call themselves the Cairo Booster Society, and they want to see change. One of the members, Tim Means, grew up in town and moved away for a bit, but his love for the town brought him back. He opened a wood work shop and now he wants to paint the town.

"If somebody doesn't try, nothing will ever get done, " said Means.

The Cairo Booster Society had an impromptu meeting at Tim's woodshop this morning. The group's first project is to fix the pavilion at St. Mary's Park. Tim says with a lot of hard work and a fresh coat of paint, it can be restored to what it once was. This is only the first step the group plans to take to revitalize the town.

Mayor Tyron Coleman is just learning about the group and is supportive of their efforts.

"Anything that will better this town, I am all for. I might even be willing to pull up my sleeves and work on projects," said Coleman.

The group meets on the second Thursday of every month at 1:00 p.m. at the Cairo Library, and they are set to begin their first fundraiser by selling "I Heart Cairo" t-shirts. If you'd like to buy a t-shirt, click here.