Local city bans big beer bottles


Kendall Downing

CAIRO, Ill. - Big beers are on the way out in a local city. Earlier in October the Cairo City Council adopted an ordinance banning the sale of beer in glass containers that are 16 ounces or larger.

Both the mayor and city council believe the ban is a step to getting the city cleaner.

"You can ride around the town and see broken glass," said Tyrone Coleman, Cairo's Mayor.

Coleman is fed up with the trash littering his city's streets.

And what's worse he said is the damage those broken glass bottles cause.

"A number of the calls were people having flat tires," he said.

Coleman said since he took office a chief complaint from the public is flat tires, thanks to glass in the road. City lawn mowers even get flat tires, too.

The new ordinance restricts the sale of beer in 40 ounce bottles.

At the Spirits House in town, big bottles are big business.

"Very surprised, it was a shock," said Anedra Collier, store manager.

Collier said she didn't expect the city's action. Big bottled beer makes up about 30 percent of her sales. She's already started telling some customers they'll have to switch to cans.

"Will it work, we'll find out soon I guess," she said.

Mayor Coleman said his goal is cleaning up the city.

"We're not outlawing that particular mode of beverage, it's just they'll have to come up with another way of packaging it," he said, "My concern is for the overall citizenry."

Stores will still be able to sell beer in glass containers less than 16 ounces. The ordinance goes into effect in January of 2013.