Local county digs out from significant snow


Kendall Downing

JACKSON COUNTY, Ill. - Jackson County officials lifted the state of emergency for their community early Saturday afternoon. The county declared the snow emergency on Friday, with some areas receiving more than a foot of snow.

Saturday many residents tried to dig out for the first time.

"I thought we were going to get about four inches and we got up to this," said Cindy Huck of Desoto.

Cindy Huck and daughter Kacey haven't moved their cars since the sleet started Thursday night.

Saturday they hoped the sun and a little elbow grease would get the wheels moving.

"I can't make it up our hill in our driveway so i'm kind of stuck right now," said Kacey Huck.

Signs of the significant snow linger, from almost invisible fire hydrants to huge icicles. Traffic is still slow through parts of Jackson County, with slush on US 51 in Desoto and some city side streets covered.

Carbondale canceled its annual "Lights Fantastic" parade set for Saturday night. Parade organizers called the event off because the Illinois Department of Transportation revoked their permit. IDOT would've had to close main thoroughfares like US 51 and Illinois Route 13, sending all the traffic down side streets.

Cindy Huck said she fears people may be driving too fast in the slush.

"If you sit out here and watch you still got a lot of people passing on the roads. They need to slow down," she said.

So up next to the traffic, the family will keep shoveling and keep the extra exercise in perspective.

"Burns off all those Thanksgiving calories," said Kacey Huck.

Carbondale's "Lights Fantastic Parade" committee will meet Monday and determine any alternate plans. It's possible the floats could go on display indoors sometime for the public to see.