Local food pantries suffer during winter weather


Web Editor - Kathryn DiGisi

MARION, Ill. - Over the holiday season local food pantries always run low.

Add in severe winter weather to the mix and you have the recipe for even more bare shelves.

The operators of Shepherd's Closet food pantry in Marion say now is the time to donate to help the hungry this holiday season.

Last week's icy roads meant less food was being donated to the pantry.I

Couple Cissie and Jim Fosse fill holiday bags for Williamson County's hungriest.

"We don't have anymore macaroni and cheese, so hopefully we'll be getting some more mac-n-cheese," said Cissie Fosse.

The food pantry is in need of peanut butter, canned fruit and boxed cereal.

Jim Fosse says food pantries around Southern Illinois take an especially hard hit during the holidays.

He says less is being donated but more people are struggling financially.

"The families don't want the kids to go without, you know, Christmas time," said Jim Fosse.

Now that the ice is melting and traffic is flowing, the Fosse's anticipate next Tuesday to be a busy day in the pantry.

"I think she'll run out of food to be honest with you," said Jim Fosse.

They are hoping to take in more donations before then.

The Shepherd's Closet food pantry feeds more than 125 hungry families each week.