Man saves boy from frozen pond, second boy dies in icy water


Reporter - Kathryn DiGisi

CARTERVILLE, Ill. - Sunday evening, 12-year-old Justin Johnson-Stewart fell through an icy pond to his death.

One little boy was saved during the tragic accident by a neighbor who heard the little boy's screams.

Jack Brown is struggling with the fact that he was unable to save both children's lives.

After a long sigh, he told Local 6 it was a hard day.

The water looks frozen enough for two boys to venture out to the middle of the pond for a little ice fishing, but shortly after they did, Brown heard their screams.

 "I came out the door and i said do you need help and they said yes," said Brown.

He says the boys were struggling to stay above water.

"I said relax, conserve your energy, I'm going to try and get something to get you out of here," said Brown.

While Brown waited for police, he and his neighbor threw an extension cord out into the middle of the pond and told the boys to tie the cord around their bodies.

The men pulled one boy to safety, but the other boy, Johnson-Stewart, slipped under the icy water to his death.

Brown says he is trying to focus on the life saved while he mourns the life lost.

Carterville police and fire department helped Brown and his neighbor bring the boy to safety.