Massac County looks at ways to improve courthouse


Reporter - Robert Bradfield
Photojournalist - Randall Barnes

MASSAC COUNTY, Ill. - Conditions inside the Massac County Courthouse concern Sheriff Ted Holder.

"We've had to rope off this area of the gallery because the plaster is falling in," he said.

He says Flood 2011 is when the building began showing major signs of wear and tear.  Since then, he said the inside and outside of the 75 year-old building is progressively getting worse.

"It's basically running from the ceiling, down these walls, deteriorating this plaster and it will go all the way to the basement," Holder told Local 6.

Almost every room is showing signs of damage.  Holder said the carpet in the main courtroom gets soaked when it rains and the areas around the windows are weak and and wet with water stains.

"Everybody that works over here would like this to be better because we work here every day and we represent the people. We want the people to be happy with what they see," he said.

Holder says county commissioners are discussing the cost of repairs, but he doesn't know how much it will be.  He hopes the county can set aside enough money to fully repair the building because demolishing it isn't an option.

"This building represents the people of Massac County and this is not the way you want it to look," Holder said.