Metropolis church expands to distribution center and shelter


Reporter - Kendall Downing

METROPOLIS, Ill. - People who survived the tornado, but lost their homes and many belongings, started reaching out for help on Monday.

Volunteers say they have roughly ten on the list, up from three last night.

First Baptist Church in Metropolis, Illinois, started taking in donations, but has now turned into a distribution center and shelter.

Shannon Farmer is looking for some supplies to get by. Her home is gone.

She says all she remembers is waking up on the ground, looking up at the sky.

Storm victims came to First Baptist in Metropolis throughout the day all with their own stories of survival.

"I spun around three times and then it dropped me and dropped two other trailers on top of mine," Shanice Skinner said.

Kitchen volunteers opened cans to make soup and pack lunches. They prepared enough to feed two hundred people in Brookport.

Both Skinner and Farmer are grateful for generous hearts and a loving community.

The pastor for the church says your donations are still needed. Volunteers say they have plenty of blankets, pillows, and clothes. Cleaning supplies are still desperately needed.

The Red Cross shelter is located at the First Baptist Church in Metropolis.