Metropolis to take another look at liquor ordinances


Reporter - Elizabeth Fields
Photojournalist - Mason Watkins

METROPOLIS, Ill.- At 82 years old, Charlie Eichorn is ready to take on his 38th business venture in Metropolis.

"There's a need for an event center," he said. But he has a problem.

"To make it successful, we have to be able to serve on a Sunday." Metropolis recently allowed alcohol sales by the drink on Sunday, but that is specifically for businesses that have a licensed kitchen, established dining room, and a regular menu. Because he plans on partnering with other local restaurants for food, Eichorn won't qualify. 

Monday, he spoke to the Ordinance Committee.

"I think they were quite receptive," he said. Alderman David Daugherty said he thinks it's time for the city to take a closer look at updating its ordinances.

"This is a small community. This is a church community, so we don't want to take any dynamic away from that, but we want to grow in certain area," Daugherty said. He described any potential changes as baby steps, not an overhaul.
Mayor Billy McDaniel has also agreed to carefully consider changes, but said he will never approve of liquor sales all day, every day.

"Were not going to pass a new ordinance to pacify or justify one group or one thing," McDaniel said. "It will be something that benefits everyone in the city of Metropolis of different businesses." He said that things to consider would be creating a convention license or special events license that would allow event centers and festivals the ability to serve without allowing all packaged liquor sales from all locations on Sundays. He said it will be a slow process.

Daugherty said they haven't scheduled the next ordinance committee meeting, but said it would be relatively soon. He also welcomes any comments or concerns from residents.