Money missing from local school district, administrator fired


Kendall Downing

CARTERVILLE, Ill. — Thousands of dollars vanished out of a local school district's budget. Now, the man charged with overseeing that district's finances is out of a job.

The Carterville School Board voted Monday night to fire its business officer Todd Frazier.

A December audit indicated approximately $114,000 was missing, so district leaders suspended Frazier and took another look at the books before turning the case over to police.

Administrators believe Frazier pocketed the money but they're not saying how he was able to do it.

"My first thought is how horrible it is," said Michelle Butcher, parent of an elementary student.

Butcher said that's money that would've gone to good use.

"I couldn't imagine trying to take money that goes for children's benefit and children's futures," said Butcher.

Carterville Superintendent Bob Prusator said the results of two audits pointed them to business officer Todd Frazier.

"Received approximately $114,000 over the course of five fiscal years," said Prusator.

That was enough for board members to fire him. He'd been with the district for a number of years.

"Recommendation for dismissal was appropriate," said Prusator.

Local 6 tried to track down Frazier, even going to his Williamson County home.

The house is for sale. A neighbor told Local 6 Frazier put it up back in December. You may remember that's around the same time the district started its investigation.

That neighbor, who didn't want to be on camera, said Frazier wanted to move to Chicago.

"I will stay on top of this," said Butcher.

Parents like Michelle Butcher want to know how this happened over a period of years.

"Again, given where we are in this, we are not at liberty to go into the details or specifics," said Prusator.

Prusator, on the job for less than a year, said that is an issue for authorities.

The Carterville Police chief told Local 6 the department will forward its investigation to the Williamson County State's Attorney's Office when it is complete. That office will then decide if charges will be filed.