Mother says man tried to lure her son


Kendall Downing

Editor's note: Karnak Police Chief Charles Shelton confirms attempted abduction charges have been filed against 65-year-old Dwayne McCoy of Indiana. Shelton said a bond has not been set.

KARNAK, Ill. - A black mustang convertible, that's the car police said an Indiana man used to attract kids. Now that suspect is in custody with charges pending. A local mother said he went after her son.

Alert neighbors in Karnak, Illinois saw the man cruising down Main Street several days in a row. Police said the man tried to get an 11-year-old boy to jump in the car with him Monday night, but the boy ran away.

Tuesday night another set of neighbors noticed the car again, got the plate number, and called it in.

That mother tells Local 6 she is proud of her son for running away from the danger.

"He's scared. He didn't want to go to school today," she said.

We spoke with her Wednesday afternoon. She did not want to be identified. The Pulaski County mom said her son now lives in fear because of the unwanted encounter.

"He told him he would take him shopping and get him something to eat if he would get in the car with him," she said.

Her son didn't take the bait, and the pair took their story to Karnak Police Chief Charles Shelton.

"Waving at kids when he drove by, driving real slow, following them on their bicycles," said Shelton.

Shelton said the prowler put the community on alert, so much so that neighbors chased the man away Tuesday night after seeing him in his car on the 400 block of Main Street.

Police arrested the suspect on Interstate 57. The chief said attempted kidnapping charges are pending.

"You see a strange vehicle; pick up the phone," said the mother.

The Pulaski County mom is thankful for those neighbors, but she said even with the suspect off the streets, it's not any easier for her or her son.

"I just have to assure him he's fine. He's going to be ok," she said.

That man's being held at the Tri-County Detention Center in Ullin, Illinois.

But as of Wednesday's deadline, the Pulaski County State's Attorney had not filed charges against him yet and is not releasing his name, so Local 6 does not have his booking photo.

We will continue to update this story.