Mystery surrounding Herrin City Cemetery continues


Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

HERRIN, Ill. - A mystery at a local cemetery will remain unsolved for now.

You may remember Local 6 reporting a few weeks ago about some new discoveries at Herrin, Illinois City Cememtery.

Following research and picture comparisons, some people think the remains of the victims of a 1922 massacre between union and non-union coal miners were laid to rest in a portion of the cemetery known as Potters Field.

That portion of the cemetery is covered in tombstones now and relatives with loved ones buried there want answers.

The city council met Monday night to discuss the sensitive issue but the conversation didn't get too far.

Committee Chairman Bill Seysmor said he needed more time to decide what action to take.  The issue was tabled and Seysmor plans to discuss the matter with the city attorney.