Neighboring homes damaged in the Du Quoin blast


Reporter - Kathryn DiGisi

DU QUOIN, Ill. - A house explosion leaves a community mourning the loss of a friend while trying to get their own homes back in order.

Sunday's explosion leveled one house and severely damaged eight others.

"It didn't really hit home until the day after when we came down and just looked at the devastation," said neighbor Chuck Smith.

Smith lives directly across the street from Harold Pundsack.

He has spent the last two days assessing the damage of the home he has lived in for the last 17 years.

"We've got some windows blown out, it blew our front door open and off the hinges, we've got some situations internally," said Smith.

He met with his insurance agent on Tuesday.

On Monday, a disaster clean-up crew arrived and got to work.

Smith says the damage to his home is insignificant compared to the loss of his neighbor and friend.

He says after tragedy, his tight-knit community is only growing tighter.

"We're leaning on each others backs and each others shoulders," said Smith.

The Perry County Coroner's office performed Pundsack's autopsy on Monday, but the Local 6 has yet to receive the results.