Retired Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice passes away


Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

A former leader of the Illinois State Supreme Court died Thursday.

Retired Chief Justice Moses W. Harrison II died after a long illiness.

Justice Harrison was a member of the Illinois judiciary for nearly three decades.  He sat on the Illinois Supreme Court for ten years and was chief justice for nearly three years.

"My former colleague, friend and mentor Chief Justice Harrison will be remembered as a prominent judge in Illinois legal history not because he was a great man, but because he never lost sight of the common man," said Chief Justice Thomas L. Kilbride "His commitment to equality and fairness went well beyond his simple, succinct, yet superlative opinions. He treated all people in all stations in life with the same kindness, dignity and respect. That fundamental decency guided his work as a judge, and his work guided Illinois law."

Justice Harrison was 81.