SIU Carbondale enrollment down, freshman class grows


Web Editor - Ryan Burkett

CARBONDALE, Ill. - Administrators at Southern Illinois University Carbondale say enrollment for the fall semester is down nearly five percent from last year. However, SIU's freshman class is its largest in 20 years.

Total enrollment for the semester is 17,964 students, a decline of 4.7 percent from one year ago. Meanwhile, its freshman class swelled to 2,571 students, an increase of 12.7 percent from last fall.

SIU Chancellor Rita Cheng says much of the drop in total enrollment is a result of declines in the number of transfer students and enrollment at off-campus and military locations.

“The decline in students who transfer to SIU and take classes off-site reflect national economic pressures on students and families,” Cheng said. “We are working to address these challenges."

Cheng adds that there were positive trends within the enrollment figures as well, including an increase in the number of students from central Illinois, along with more out-of-state and international students.